Glass floors and Skylights

A skylight, glass floor or conservatory is a great addition to any home, adding light, warmth, ambience and ventilation. Our systems have been designed to suit coastal conditions, including robust designs and an integrated condensation drain. We ensure that it is glazed to maximum strength and seal.

Skylight options include Continuous Sloped, Horisontal, Pyramids, Domes and Circular domes, all with ventilation options.

Glass flooring units are customised to clients needs, with various framing and glazing options. Some include tints, acid etching, shatterlam, double glazing and anti-slip coatings.

Frameless construction of Glass Curtain Walls, Entrance Doors, Frameless Stack Doors, Balustrading, Staircases, Pool Viewing Panels, Rim Flows for Infinity Pools, etc, are our speciality. We design to your specifiations, ensuring that all units meet the requirements of the South African Building Regulations. If required, designs are signed off by an engineer or Jacques Randall, who is our in-house Competent Person Glazing II (CPG2). Photos are available in the galley with many to view at our offices along with a full size glass wall assembly in our showroom.

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